Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A true story.....

I found out yesterday that someone will be here today or tomorrow that asked for a pair of gloves, which I hadn't even got around to starting yet. So, out with the needles and 4 ply yesterday, now up to the fingers on the first glove. I'd like to get them finished for tonight if I can, and hand them over then.
It reminded me of one of myfavourite family stories (I have a lot........lol), this one about knitting.
My great grandfather had to go to a funeral, but the day before, discovered he either had no black socks, or they were unfit to wear, or for whatever reason the socks weren't available. Back in those days, it was completely unacceptable to wear anything but all black for a funeral, and just as unacceptable not to go, which he couldn't do if he didn't have the right socks.
Rock and hard place.
My great grandmother stayed up all night and knitted a pair of socks for him to wear, and he went to the funeral.
Now, even by my standards, that's going some!

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