Thursday, 18 October 2012


..........  been a long time again, Knitten! Needles taken up with other things I suppose. What with Wool Week and all, there's a been a huge amount going on, and I think out of all of them is the release by the Shetland Heritage Shop of some really beautiful retro kits - read about them here, nopoint in me typing it all out when they say it so much better:

I knew these were coming, and were looking forward to them; eged on by friends on FB I have ordered the gloves for  myself for this winter. The colours are perfect, and I know the quality will be top notch.

Hm,blogger won't let me browse, will try and add in a pic of the finished gloves later, or you can click on the wee pic in the link there. Let me know what you think about these kits?