Friday, 9 August 2013

Interesting link

I just came across this link via a Facebook friend, very tempted to have a go at the pattern as it actually appears here:

‘little children’s lambswool shoes’:
Cast 17 stitches. Knit 1 row plain. Add a stitch at both ends every other row, till you have 23 stitches. Knit 1 row plain. Add a stitch at the end only, every other row till you have 28 stitches.
Knit 1 row plain. Knit off 16 stitches leaving 12 upon the other pin. Knit 16 rows or 8 pearl. Cast 12 stitches. Knit 2 rows plain. Diminish a stitch only at the end of every other row till you have 23 stitches.
Knit 1 row plain. Diminish a stitch at both ends every other row till you have 17 stitches. Cast off. Fasten on for the ancle. Make 30 stitches including the 12 on the pin. Knit 3 pearls of white, then 4 of colour, then 4 of white then 4 of colour. Cast off.

Adult's version:

 Cast 40 stitches. Knit 1 row plain. Add 1 stitch only at one end every other row till you have 50 stitches. Knit 10 rows plain. Cast off 25 stitches for the heel. Knit 10 rows for the toe. Cast on 25 stitches for the other side. Knit 10 rows plain. Diminish 1 stitch at one end only, every other row till you have 40 stitches left. Knit 1 row plain. Cast off. Fasten on for the ancle making 50 stitches round, knit 16 rows. Cast off. Sew it up on the wrong side, & then put on a duffield sole.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

St Kilda stockings

A chance comment on Facebook led me in a roundabout way to finding this photograph on the internet; I think the stockings may be in Kelvingrove museum in Glasgow, that needs to be certified by more research. Gone on my list of knitting things to be visited, though, is a definite. In the meantime, when I've finished my current batch of knittings, I want to recreate these and write up a pattern; want to use only handspun wool,  will try for Soay and Boreray maybe, am lucky enough to have these fleeces in my stash. Always exciting to plan a new project :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Time to get going again!

Been a long time,I know.Been ill enough to be hospitalised for 8 weeks,but took advantage of the latter weeks when I was well enough to work on this:

It's a replica of the sleeveless pullover worn by one of the lads in the BBC series Wartime Farm. I'm knitting it for a dear friend in Canada.Knitted in the round,I'm almost at the armholes now. Thoroughly enjoying knitting it.Wool and pattern from:

Thursday, 18 October 2012


..........  been a long time again, Knitten! Needles taken up with other things I suppose. What with Wool Week and all, there's a been a huge amount going on, and I think out of all of them is the release by the Shetland Heritage Shop of some really beautiful retro kits - read about them here, nopoint in me typing it all out when they say it so much better:

I knew these were coming, and were looking forward to them; eged on by friends on FB I have ordered the gloves for  myself for this winter. The colours are perfect, and I know the quality will be top notch.

Hm,blogger won't let me browse, will try and add in a pic of the finished gloves later, or you can click on the wee pic in the link there. Let me know what you think about these kits?

Friday, 9 September 2011

New project

Hm, haven't been here for ages. Been busy with lots of other knitting and sheepy/wool related things though, it never stops!
I bought this lovely pattern off e-bay the other day, and am looking forward to giving it a go. I have something suitable in teh stash, so just need to get it cast on and go. Nice............. will do them both probably lol
Hm. blogger won't let me post it......... will try again later.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Major up heavels in home and domestic life mean I've not been around quite so much, but am now back online more , I hope, to get things up to date. I finished teh Zimmerman shawl, it was a lovely knit to work on, and I dyed it with nettles when It was finished. I will get a pic up here when I can. I have a stack of historical bits and peices I want to get done, a head full of ideas and am challenged to find time to even start them at the moment, but I will.
MOving up to North Yorkshire has put another slant on my knitting - Dales knitting, Swaledale sheep, knitters in and around Richmond; I want to investigate the 'Swaledale glove' a bit more; to me it bears a resemblance to a Sanquhar glove, so excited about doing a bit more research on that.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

New project on the needles

I've cast on for the July project - A shawl: good travel knitting - from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Almanac. The wool is a cone of fine almost laceweight I bought from the Guild sales table recently for pennies, and it's knitting up nicely so far.
More nostalgic knitting in the pipeline :)