Monday, 4 April 2011


Major up heavels in home and domestic life mean I've not been around quite so much, but am now back online more , I hope, to get things up to date. I finished teh Zimmerman shawl, it was a lovely knit to work on, and I dyed it with nettles when It was finished. I will get a pic up here when I can. I have a stack of historical bits and peices I want to get done, a head full of ideas and am challenged to find time to even start them at the moment, but I will.
MOving up to North Yorkshire has put another slant on my knitting - Dales knitting, Swaledale sheep, knitters in and around Richmond; I want to investigate the 'Swaledale glove' a bit more; to me it bears a resemblance to a Sanquhar glove, so excited about doing a bit more research on that.