Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Still here, still knitting.........

Been a bit of a while since I posted, but I'm back in the swing of the golden oldies again!

This is an interesting one, taken from my Knitting America book; it's actually a swatch from a pattern for a turn of the century shawl/wrap, but I did this to test the stitch, and quit elike it. Called Picot Stitch, it's knitted by K2tog in front of stitches, do not slip from needles, but then K2tog into back of them, then slip from needle, for every row. Gives a good mesh pattern and I'd like to incorporate it into a shopping bag pattern I think, knitted with thick cotton or jute or similar.

This one is from my Mrs Beeton book, a pattern for a square for making up into coverlets or similar. Complete and utter ****** trying to get only 8 stitches on to 4 needles, in very slippery knitting cotton in 4ply...........Didn't give up though, and am about half way up a sqaure now, on about the 7th go!LOL I think after a few, I could dispense with the pattern. As well as the awkwardness of being in a large, heavy book, it's written out in long hand, so difficult to keep your place on the page. However, I managed thus far, and am quite pleased with it. Whether a whole bedspread will emerge is yet to be seen.................

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