Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Knitting America

I ordered this from Amazon a while back, and now it's arrived. It was all I could do to not devour the complete book at one sitting LOL. What a book, and worth the wait in delivery terms.By Susan M Strawn, it's "A glorious heritage from warm sock to high art".Indeed it is. Some absolutely fascinating pictures, huge amounts of information and complete with some twenty old patterns to try. I don't know which one to go for first :) I think it might be the 1890s Victorian Miser's purse; there is also a picture (but no insturctions) for a knitted pence jug, but I have insturctions in another book for that.

One thing that did take my fancy were the Amish socks. I read years ago that soemtimes the Amish had their socks very "plain and simple" below the knee in an appropriate colour, but with a highly patterned and colourful cuff around the top of the leg. I was unable to find any information on them at all, let alone a picture. There are two pairs shown in the book, the ones I like in the most beautiful shade of violet; so, when I manage to get wool of the correct hue, or dye it myself, they'll be on the needles too.

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