Thursday, 12 February 2009

Monmouth cap

Although I've always been interested in old knitting and everything associated with it, this was the first actual piece I'd knitted as a replica, towards the back end of last year. I found the pattern in an old issue of Spin Off magazine, and couldn't resist having a go. I knitted two in this wool, as I enoyed the pattern so much. It's a handspun (but not by me) Jacob wool, soft and very nice to knit with. I then did a thrid, but spun my own wool from some Jacob fleece I was given a while ago. This third hat was given to OH for Christmas, and he was thrilled to bits with it.
If you look closely, you'll see a small button on the crown- this is for buttoning inside your helmet. A hanging loop is worked on to the brim, for hanging the hat when not being worn.
More info here:


  1. I have been looking for a good pattern for a Monmouth Cap and have been unsuccessful so far. Can you please give me some ideas as to where I could find a pattern on the web? My email address is:

  2. Aimee,

    I made one loosely represented here..
    ...but did it top down like a large baby bonnet...

    I used 8 #10 (US) double ended needles, starting with three and to stitches on each, then gradually increasing to 14 stithes on each of 7 needles... other than that.. directions as above. Just finish with the brim as in the start of the directions.

    The button loop is a must off the edge of the cap. There should be a button sewn to the back of the coat of the slops for 17 to19 century sailor outfit. These would have been made by the men aboard ship, along with socks and all sorts for sale at the next port.